Dear Khayelitsha Cookie Followers,

July is such an amazing month for South Africa annually, where people honour Madiba by doing a community outreach project. Traditionally this is the month we are reminded to do something good for our community / individuals in less fortunate positions. In my heart of hearts, I so wish for this to become part of our DNA as South Africans, where we strive to do something good every single day, instead of just annually. The reality is each of us can do something good each and every day, which does not necessarily involve finances, and here are a few examples:

  • Help an elderly person load their groceries in their car
  • Make an extra sandwich daily to give to someone as you drive to work
  • Invest in a container at your school entrance, and send your leftover vegetables from the previous week, and donate this to the soup kitchen at your school and buy an extra loaf of bread / peanut butter / fruit weekly and drop these off as well.
  • Help someone in your field of expertise. If you are a teacher, help to tutor a child who struggles for 10 min daily. If you are an accountant help a small business with their books. If you are a lawyer, take on one pro-bono case monthly. Babysit a single mom’s child for a night. Cook a meal for a friend. Or just make someone a delicious cup of coffee at work.
As soon as we realise, we can be the difference maker, and that it is a choice to do good every single day, that is where you will see the rewards for yourself as well… JOY. Something no money can buy. It gives you purpose, you feel like you are actually contributing to society.

My plea to you this Mandela Day is... make a daily difference and use July yearly to do a combined big social drive.

You will see many Facebook posts going around with so many small businesses like ourselves, who have been fighting day in and day out to keep trading. Who kept braving the storms to keep trading. My plea to you this July (which is one of our quieter sales months annually), is to make your purchase count, and support our SMME’s. We need you to help us weather this storm, and by buying local, and supporting SMME’s like ourselves, your purchases will keep food on the tables of the employees of SMME’s.

Adri Williams


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