Buttermilk Rusk Munchie Box

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6 reviews for Buttermilk Rusk Munchie Box

  1. Devashini Maduray

    Excellent, tasty, not too hard and fresh

  2. Nurith Henderson

    The rusks seemed to be soft and not hard like a normal rusk if that makes sense ? I know they are baked fresh and maybe the recipe is different and therefore they are softer than a normal rusk.

    • Online Store Administrator

      We will definitely send on your comments to the Bakers! We truly appreciate your honest feedback, Nurith!

  3. Bateela Davids

    would love it to be a little more crispy.

    • Online Store Administrator

      Thank you for the feedback Bateela Davids. We will be sure to share your comment with the production team!

  4. zufadavids15

  5. Tanya G.


  6. Kristen

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