Mama Rusk Munchie Box

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5 reviews for Mama Rusk Munchie Box

  1. Kashiefa Palmer

    I have had these when I was admitted to hospital. They are amazing.

  2. Mariam

    Yes I agree same experience when I was admitted in hospital. Especially when u can’t eat . This was just too tasty. I couldn’t get enough of it.

  3. Fiefie

    Really something to look forward to when I was in hospital. Absolutely lifted my spirits during my hospital stay. Will most definitely be ordering for home. Buttermilk is a winner. Second is muesli which has no sugar aded- perfect for diabetics. Individually wrapped so you can keep it your bag, take it on road trips, pack in with lunchboxes, anytime teatime treat, etc.

  4. Crisandra

    I love these rusks! I initially had them when I was at hospital. I enjoyed them so much that I ordered 2 boxes of these and 4 of the buttermilk when I got home.
    I love that they are soft and delicious after soaking in my cup of tea. I will definitely continue ordering ☺️

  5. Anonymous

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