Eunice Nyobole

When I started with Khayelitsha Cookies, I experienced a lot of changes in my life.  I can now get time to spend with my family, as my working hours allow this.  I get to work with ladies whom are like family to me, and I enjoy every moment of it! My job as Bakery Manager can be difficult sometimes but it is also a lot of fun.  I have been on a couple of training courses since I joined Khayelitsha Cookies which enriched my life.  HACCP,  Excel, Food Handling Practices has been but a few courses that I attended. 

Nosiseko Ngoma

I am a single mom of 2 children.  I started working as a normal Baker at Khayelitsha Cookies, and in the interim been promoted to Supervisor.  Khayelitsha Cookies has brought light into my life and to my children.  Now earning a salary I can afford to put bread on my table for supper, and pay their school fee’s to better their education.  I was send on computer course training, and on HACCP training.  We also get lots of other training done at the company that helps me in my personal life.  I enjoy working at Khayelitsha Cookies and love all the ladies, we are like a big family.

Violet Motsepe

Working at Khayelitsha Cookies as a supervisor has brightened up my life. I can take care of my kids now, and my parents who are unable to get goverment support.  I went on HACCP, computer and administrating training.  Whenever the administrator is not in, I take over as administrator.  I really love working at Khayelitsha Cookies, and strive to do my best every day. Working here has helped me so I can better myself for the future. I have done a cake decorating course on my own time, and whenever there is birthday’s in the factory, I decorate the ladies cakes with love!

Zodwa Ntanta

For me finding work was a challenge as I am deaf and unable to communicate with hearing people that doesn’t understand sign language.  When I started at Khayelitsha Cookies, it was really difficult initially as I was the only deaf lady working here, but the hearing ladies soon got used to my signs and now we can really enjoy a good conversation.  Earning a salary now I can look after my child, and my younger brother and sister as we don’t have parents.

Gloria Mateza

Gloria Mateza

I am a single mother with two kids and struggled to get work to provide for my family.  Khayelitsha Cookies changed my life a lot.  I can now afford to put food on the table and give my children a better life.  I can send my kids to school and know that they are clothed and fed properly.  Khayelitsha Cookies didn’t just give me a job, they also send me to a computer course so I can better my own life.  They also teached us how to spend our money better.  They also teached us about eating right, working as a team and looking after ourselves and our future.  Khayelitsha Cookies has done a lot for me and my children.