Bidvest Premier Lounges have not only walked the journey with us, by being one of our key clients, but they have also assisted us in helping to build our company. As an SMME in this economy a “Big Brother” is critical to survive, and Bidvest Premier Lounges has truly been our “Big Brother” in every sense. In placing much needed product orders, as every cookie consumed means that there is more work for our baking team! They have also invested equipment during the last three years that has increased our capacity. We cannot thank Bidvest Premier Lounges enough for their assistance over the last few years, for being our “Big Brother” and helping us continue to create opportunities for women in Cape Town. Thank you for your excellent mentorship – we know that when we are stuck we can simply pick up the phone for advice and that a possible solution is literally a phone call away. We truly appreciate all you are doing for an SMME like Khayelitsha Cookies. It is corporate companies like Bidvest Premier Lounges, who truly embrace Enterprise Development, and not only do what is necessary to get the points, but who really truly care and are willing to invest not only resources, but time and mentorship too. Thank you! We value you greatly.