Happy Easter to our wonderful Khayelitsha Cookie Company fans! We hope that you have an inspiring Easter season and that you find some Khayelitsha Cookies to enjoy with tea and those Easter Eggs. We thought we would let you in on some of our Frequently Asked Questions …

The questions you may have been dying to ask ….

Q. Do you only employ women from Khayelitsha?

A. Yes, all our baking team are from Khayelitsha — one of the largest township communities in South Africa with a very high unemployment rate, but a vibrant, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spirit.

Q. How long has Khayelitsha Cookie Company been baking delicious cookies?

A. Since 2004 when we were introduced to a group of women who had received some training at a community centre in Khayelitsha, but no follow-up support. We put our heads together and, against all odds, started a business. Today we have a team and business model that any corporate would be proud of!

Q. Do the women from Khayelitsha have any ownership of the business?

A. Yes, we have a trust that is owned by women who have been on the team for a certain amount of time. Our desire is that ladies not only benefit from being employed and feeding their families, but can be real owners of the company and have a share in future success.

Q. How many women do you employ at the moment?

A. There are currently 47 women on our baking team – and we were just 6 in 2006. We are doing flick-flacks at the growth in our employment numbers, as well as the quality of our team.

Q. How many flavours of cookies do you bake, and what are they?

A. We bake 18 flavours of cookies, rusks, shortbread and biscotti. These include: our famous Choc Chunk, German Nut, Ginger Snap and Butterscotch cookies, as well as our new Fruit Oatmeal cookies; our Provocative Pecan, Safari, Deliciously Natural and Chunky Chocolate Biscotti; our memorable Mama Rusks and last, but not least – our renowned Nutty Fudge Brownies that are tastelicious!

Q. Can you dunk a Khayelitsha Cookie?

A. While all of our delicious bakery products are Dunk-elicious, they are home-baked so it’s not necessary to dunk them – but it does taste super-good if you are a dunker.

Q. Why the fuss about the new 12gm cookie that you just launched?

A. The hospitality trade has been asking us for a long time now to launch a bigger single-wrapped 12gm cookie. We were approached by a client to start single wrapping their 12gm cookies and we thought this to be the ideal opportunity to launch our 12gm at the same time, with a new look packet. And …it means that guests get three more bites per cookie than they were getting from the 9gm ones! That is not something to be sniffed at.

Q. What does a YUMMY cookie like this cost?

The cost of one of these delicious new 12gm cookies is only R1.09 per cookie, not including VAT. They come packaged as 100 per box (mixed variants, or single variant) and at R113.92 per box excl VAT, with four delicious flavours, it’s a steal!

Q. How does one stop oneself eating the Choc Chunk biscuits once one has started?

We are so sorry – we cannot help you with that one, coz they are just so delicious we struggle ourselves!