the Khayelitsha cookies Story


Khayelitsha Cookies creates employment by employing previously unemployed ladies mainly from Khayelitsha and surrounding Western Cape poverty-stricken areas. The ladies are trained to hand bake and hand pack our delicious cookies, Brownies & Cheese Straws in our Food Safety accredited factory situated in Beaconvale, Parow.

By doing this we reduce unemployment and provide the ladies with a sense of well-deserved dignity and put them in a position to provide for up to 5 dependents with the income they earn. Our cookies are then sold to various sectors such as Hospitality, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Retail stores.

"It’s more than just cookies. It’s Homegrown. If there was ever a tale with goodness baked right in, it’s the story of Khayelitsha Cookies. The result of 4 women who gave up everything to serve the community, Khayelitsha Cookies began with Adri Williams, who came from a corporate background but never felt truly fulfilled. One day, while visiting a hospital as part of her church programme, Adri met Noluthando, a baby who was severely malnourished and critical. As the weeks went by, Noluthando gained more strength, and Adri gained more inspiration for her life’s purpose – Khayelitsha Cookies. Starting with the mission of empowering unemployed women from Khayelitsha, Adri took a struggling cookie business and transformed it into a thriving success. Today Khayelitsha Cookies employs almost 100 people, hand-baking over 80 000 cookies a day. Using flour from a local mill for the Homegrown range, and sourcing 98% of their ingredients locally, Khayelitsha Cookies is proudly South African, and a testament to what women with vision can achieve."

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